3 Empathize – Build your story

Don’t open with the answer and blow your opportunity, tell a story, build empathy, align your content to construct a logical argument, use chronology, and only then present your offer as the logical conclusion

A sales pitch makes for a terrible conversation starter with a potential prospect. (It’s the sort of pushiness that would also make a stranger the worst kind of date).

We’ll help you construct a balanced technical campaign aligned with where people are at different stages of the buying journey; one that talks to them accordingly. We use a phased approach that begins with emotive messaging to create appeal, following this up with more of the rational details when the time is right.

Build a truly-integrated digital campaign that connects organic and sponsored social posts with display ads, targeted emails and landing pages — and turn cold prospects into warm leads.

Example Deliverables

  • Four-quadrant communications framework
  • Flexible messaging systems
  • Content outlines for presentations, websites or comms materials

Our Work