Transforming Space

Exploring possibilities beyond our biosphere to protect and improve life on earth

Sound familiar?

The successful Mars landing of 2021 was certainly a spectacle. Yet Nasa’s Perseverance Rover marked only the most visual — and newsworthy — part of today’s space industry. As is often the case in many industries, the decades of cross-discipline science and engineering work that this achievement was built on remain hidden; their social and commercial value overshadowed by a front page headline.

Here’s a way forward

We’ve spent years helping organisations in the US, Europe and elsewhere translate the technical stuff behind the big stories in a way that unlocks complexity (rather than simplifying it) to connect with an audience. Clients designing systems to operate remotely in hostile environments at extreme pressures and temperatures, technologies that feature innovative metallurgy, ballistics and hazardous gases on board amongst other things.

Whether you develop technologies for reusable launch vehicles or provide satellite-based services, we can make sure you shine a light on the value of what you do – and really get things off the ground. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist it!)

Team Experience

  • Launch campaigns
  • Conference and event materials
  • Infographics and hero images
  • Scripts and technical presentations
  • Brand, technology & service naming