Ready to clean up?

Buying into this vision of the future is creating a tangible shift in today’s attitudes and behaviours: and not just among consumers.

Increasingly organisations and investors are changing how they go about their business and make decisions. In January 2020 Cleantech Group’s Research Outlook2 identified a number of macro trends that are gaining momentum…

1 New expectations

With a shared sense that time is running out, concerned customers are demanding more than fine words and lip service. They’re seeking action and change from suppliers and service providers, and the dissatisfied are more likely to vote with their feet.

2 New thinking

We’re seeing bold moves from the world’s biggest names, such as Microsoft’s commitment to be carbon negative by 2030. But rather than having all the answers themselves, the Research Outlook found that these larger organisations see new entrants with innovative ideas as pivotal in helping them meet ambitious carbon targets.

3 New collaborations

Tackling the biggest issues is calling for new cooperative efforts and initiatives across the value chain – connecting up businesses at every step of a lifecycle from sourcing to processing waste. Forget about competition, it’s collaboration that will ultimately be critical to clean economy success.

Tackling the trends – where we can help

1 Whether your work involves novel engineering or natural systems, Emberson Brand can help you educate your audience on the issues relevant to them in a way that’s clear and direct. And we can showcase the positive impact you’re making towards transitioning your industry. Click to see 3 quick examples of ‘hero’ images – communicating complex technologies in a single visual.

2 When it comes to new entrants, we have a strong track record of using positioning techniques to influence perceptions and help lesser-known players punch above their weight. Whether you’re a company founder, tech innovator or have a portfolio of cleantech brands, we can help make your valuable visible as acquisition targets.

3 And our team have used branding to help diverse organisations work together and motivate teams driven by a clear shared purpose and values.

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