Leveraging the Brand Effect

It’s beyond just business: a brand engages people in a more human, emotive way that the more physical and tangible aspects of a company – its balance sheet, manufacturing centres and supply chain – never could. Brands are all about people and helping to generate belief; and this is the basis of trust.


Experience the positives

During decades of working with B2B companies throughout major industry downturns and global recessions, we’ve experienced first-hand how brand can be used as a strategic tool to accomplish a number of enterprise-level goals.

When times are tough it’s initially tempting to divert budgets away from brand and marcoms activities. This is a default position that stems from seeing the marketing department as a cost centre, rather than its potential as an engine for true value creation.

Here are a few examples of the positive outcomes resulting from the brand effect:

Get everyone on the same page quickly
Inspire an organisation
Get to your goals faster

Combine what you have in a new way
Accelerate product development
Release latent value

Attract the premium price
Keep the competition out
Leave no value on the table
Turn losses into profits

Focus on what’s most valuable
Attract and retain the best employees
Strengthen non-contractual attachments

The brand effect in action

While its competitors suffered a downturn during 2019, Dubai-based TGT Diagnostics did the seemingly impossible and bucked the industry trend, attributing its record performance in part to a new brand platform.

“The business had a record year, outperforming the industry and I’d like to think that the new brand platform had a lot to do with that.” – Ken Feather, CMO, TGT Diagnostics

It’s why we believe that for B2B companies nurturing your brand matters more now than ever. If you’d like to explore this subject further or you’d just like to reach out, you can always get in touch with our team by emailing hello@futurepositive.agency