Future Five: AI applications driving growth in B2B

Our Future Five series collects insights and advice for B2B businesses to embrace and realise their potential. In this edition, we focus on AI.


Omaid Hiwaizi – Planning and Development Director

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, harnessing the power of AI has become increasingly crucial for B2B businesses seeking to stay competitive and drive growth. 

In fact, according to Gartner, 85% of B2B leaders believe AI is crucial for future success1, with 79% already implementing it. AI adoption in B2B brings substantial benefits, including increased efficiency and productivity. Accenture’s study shows a 40% cost reduction and 60% productivity boost2. McKinsey reports a 50% improvement in decision accuracy through AI-driven analytics3. AI streamlines processes, automates tasks, and enhances customer service. Juniper Research found a 70% improvement in response times with AI chatbots and a 95% reduction in manual errors for improved efficiency4.

However, many businesses shy away from taking steps in this direction, concerned about the technical complexity and potential operational risk in trying new ways of operating. We think every business should at least consider the opportunities available to them, so we’ve collected some examples around key business areas for you to consider:

Following we outline five key AI applications for B2B businesses and the platforms which can simply be deployed – many without the requirement for deep technology integrations.

  1. Customer Support and Chatbots:

It’s never been more important for businesses to provide efficient and personalised customer support. Perhaps the least complex of AI solutions to implement, AI-powered chatbots require training to give customers helpful guidance. However, this is an iterative process, and businesses can implement the software quickly to deal with basic queries, then expand their remit. Platforms including Tars, Acquire, and Chatfuel automate responses, handle customer queries, and offer personalised recommendations, focusing human intervention where it’s most valuable and improving response times. Whether it’s resolving issues or offering product suggestions, AI chatbots enhance the customer experience while minimising support costs.

  • Tars (https://hellotars.com/) – AI-powered chatbot platform for customer support, automating responses and enhancing customer experience.
  • Acquire (https://acquire.io/) – Customer support platform with AI chatbots to handle queries, personalize recommendations, and improve response times.
  • Chatfuel (https://chatfuel.com/) – AI-powered chatbot builder for creating conversational experiences and automating customer interactions.
  1. Sales and Lead Generation:

Every business needs to generate quality leads and optimise the sales process – and there is an established field of lead management solutions out there that many companies use. Integrating these platforms into the business operation however can be complex – due to data integration issues but also the opportunity (or challenge!) to rethink how marketing and business development work together. Embracing an AI-enabled platform could maximise the benefit of machine learning to analyse large datasets and identify high-value leads, predict buying intent, and recommend personalised outreach strategies. AI platforms such as Node, Lusha, and Seamless.AI excel in this domain. By harnessing these platforms, you can streamline your sales efforts, boost conversion rates, and optimise your lead generation strategies.

  • Node (https://www.node.io/) – AI-driven sales and lead generation platform that identifies high-value leads and predicts buying intent.
  • Lusha (https://www.lusha.com/) – Sales platform leveraging AI to find contact information and enrich lead data for effective outreach.
  • Seamless.AI (https://www.seamless.ai/) – AI-powered lead generation platform that provides accurate contact data and helps optimise sales outreach.
  1. Marketing & Personalisation

Successful marketing is the right mix of efficient reach with accurate and personalised targeting. While it can be simpler to focus on reach, and complex to focus targeting and messaging, incorporating AI-driven marketing automation platforms like Blueshift, Emarsys, and Segment offer the best of both. They incorporate machine learning algorithms to analyse customer data, behaviour, and preferences, enabling B2B companies to deliver targeted and tailored marketing campaigns across multiple channels. By providing relevant content and personalised offers, you can use these platforms to enhance customer engagement, increase conversions, and drive revenue growth.

  • Blueshift (https://blueshift.com/) – AI-driven marketing automation platform for personalised marketing campaigns across multiple channels.
  • Emarsys (https://www.emarsys.com/) – AI-based marketing automation platform enabling businesses to deliver personalised experiences and optimise customer engagement.
  • Segment (https://segment.com/) – Customer data platform that utilises AI to analyse and activate customer data for personalised marketing campaigns.
  1. Supply Chain Optimisation:

For businesses that  produce physical products, efficient supply chain management is critical – particularly across borders and in scenarios where components are sourced from multiple manufacturers. There are a number of well-known solutions that  require significant financial and technological commitment – complex to implement and manage. A simpler way to progress on the supply chain optimisation journey is to implement AI and machine learning platforms that predict demand patterns, optimise inventory levels, and provide real-time visibility into shipment tracking and logistics – including ClearMetal, Locus and LigiNext. By harnessing these technologies, you can enhance supply chain efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure timely delivery, ultimately improving customer satisfaction.

  • ClearMetal (https://www.clearmetal.com/) – AI-powered platform for optimising supply chain operations, predicting demand, and providing shipment tracking visibility.
  • Locus (https://www.locus.sh/) – AI-driven supply chain optimization platform offering intelligent route planning, fleet optimization, and real-time logistics visibility.
  • LogiNext (https://www.loginextsolutions.com/) – AI-powered platform optimising supply chain operations, providing last-mile delivery optimization, and real-time tracking capabilities.
  1. Financial Fraud Detection:

In our digital world it’s critical for every business to focus efforts to protect financial transactions and customer data. Navigating this complex scenario can be made simpler  using platforms that use machine learning to analyse vast amounts of transactional data and identify tell-tale anomalies that can indicate potential fraud – including Simility, Forter, and Feedzai. These platforms provide real-time monitoring, fraud prevention, and authentication solutions, enabling you to safeguard operations, prevent financial losses, and maintain trust with your customers.

  • Simility (https://www.simility.com/) – AI-driven fraud detection and prevention platform offering real-time monitoring and authentication solutions to safeguard financial transactions.
  • Forter (https://www.forter.com/) – AI-powered fraud prevention platform providing real-time monitoring and protection against fraudulent activities in financial transactions.
  • Feedzai (https://feedzai.com/) – AI-based fraud detection platform leveraging machine learning to identify anomalies and prevent fraudulent behaviour in financial transactions.

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